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Our specialty is performing ISO Audits in the areas of Knowledge management and Human Resources. We also train and certify ISO 30401 auditors and provide training courses on the ISO 30401 standard requirements.

Organizations who have been certified to ISO standards effectively demonstrate their proficiency in the areas in which they are certified which is a competitive advantage in their fields. Organizations certified to ISO HR standards effectively obtain a “safe harbor” from penalties related to applicable U.S. labor laws and regulations.  


KM/HR Systems Auditors was formed shortly after publication of ISO 30401, “Knowledge Management Systems”. ISO 30401 is a consensus standard for knowledge management (KM) that supports the development of knowledge management programs. Although the standard defines WHAT a good KM program should do, it does not dictate the HOW. The details of a knowledge management program will depend on the organization’s business, operational environment, specific needs and desired outcomes.

ISO Standards We Certify To

ISO 10018 Employee involvement

ISO 10667 Parts 1 and 2 employee assessment

ISO 30405 Recruitment

ISO 30406 Sustainable employment

ISO 30408 Human governance

ISO 30409 Workforce planning

ISO 30401 Knowledge Management Systems

ISO 30414 Human capital reporting

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