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ISO 10018 - Employee involvement

ISO 10667 Parts 1 and 2 employee assessment

ISO 30405 Recruitment

ISO 30406 Sustainable employment

ISO 30408 Human governance

ISO 30409 Workforce planning

ISO 30414 Human capital reporting

These standards are not part of an ISO management system as ISO 30401 does; however, they have the ability to help improve the performance of modern organization that adopt and implement them in a good way. They also have the benefit in some countries, such as the United States where national law provides safe harbor protection for organizations that adopt recognized industry standards, such as ISO standards. This means that organizations that adopt, implement and proved that they are actually being used cannot, at least in the U.S., be penalized should the organizations run afoul of applicable laws and/or regulations. In these cases, the government can only require the affected organizations to modify their behavior.


In view of these benefits and the real possibility of standards adoption can provide organizations with a competitive advantage in their marketplaces, organizations may very well wish to explore the possibility of adopting the aforementioned HR standards and then being audited for their conformance to the standards.


KMHR is capable of helping organizations in two ways:


  1. Helping organizations effectively adopt and implement ISO HR standards, or

  2. Audit organizations for their conformance to the ISO HR standards.


NOTE: KMHR Systems Auditors, or for that matter any organizations providing these two services, cannot ethically perform both services for the same organizations as this would be a conflict of interest.

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