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The course consists of 9 chapters designed to teach students about ISO and its history, an analysis of the ISO 30401 standard, an overview of the accreditation process, audits and their findings, auditor competency and certification, audit programs, management system documentation, audit techniques, the certification process, and the audit cycle.  


Students are expected to attend all lectures and participate in online or in-person discussions. Depending on the mode of training delivery, there may also be small group discussions. Since students are generally geographically dispersed, most of these discussions will be online.


At this writing, lectures are expected to be 2 -3 hour sessions daily over a two-and-a-half week period online via Zoom with periodic breaks. Some exercises will be also be conducted online via Zoom. The overall class duration may be subject to change.


Students are expected to complete all 28 exercises in the training course and submit their written exercises to the instructors on a daily basis unless informed otherwise. Exercises are designed to demonstrate student comprehension of the training material and includes the conduct of mock opening and closing meetings and presentation of an audit plan to the instructors and fellow students.


At the conclusion of the course material, students will have a final written exam in which they will be presented with a case study and asked to prepare for and conduct an audit. After successful completion of the written exam, students will have an oral exam in which they discuss how they would handle typical audit issues and situations.

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