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This course is designed to train individuals and provide them with the skills, knowledge, and audit techniques needed to conduct audits of organization KM systems against the requirements of ISO 30401. This course is not about identifying weaknesses in a KM program and developing tactics to address those areas. It is an evaluation of an organization’s KM program and determination whether or not the program as designed and implemented meets the requirements of ISO 30401. 


In this course you will learn about the history of the ISO organization, how it develops standards, the skills and methods ISO auditors use to determine whether a program is in conformance with an ISO standard and about the requirements defined in ISO 30401.


Students will attend lectures ordinarily conducted online, read the course training manual, and complete exercises designed to determine if the student has understood the material presented in the course. Exercises will be both written and oral.  Student may be asked to work on exercises in small groups. Students are encouraged to interact with the instructors and their fellow students to develop critical thinking skills which will be needed while conducting actual audits.


Instructors: Patricia L. Eng, P.E. and Dr. Ronald (Ron) B. McKinley. These instructors will co-teach the course. Both instructors have extensive inspection/auditing experience.  

Lectures will be conducted via Zoom at a time convenient to the majority of students and run between 2 – 3 hours per day.

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