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Patricia L. Eng, P.E. is a certified ISO KM Auditor. During her 30-years as a Federal regulator, she wrote domestic and international regulations, reviewed industry standards, and inspected numerous facilities against Federal and International regulations and applicable standards.  She also evaluated the effectiveness of industry based standards such as ANSI, and wrote US government inspection procedures for use throughout the US.  She also created and managed NRC’s Knowledge Management Program, saving almost 60 million dollars in operational costs in her first two years.  She has received numerous awards for her inspection and KM work.  After retiring from NRC, Patricia and her transatlantic colleague Paul Corney wrote “Navigating the Minefield: A Practical KM Companion,” a book she wishes she had when she first started in KM in that it examines 19 successful KM programs and looks at why some fail.  Most recently, she co-authored the “KM Cookbook” which provides an ISO KM audit evaluation tool and discusses what an ISO KM audit would look like.

Patricia Eng has given presentations on technical and non-technical topics at domestic and international conferences, workshops, and seminars for decades.  She has presented several times at KM World, most recently in 2019, as well as at KM Australia, KM UK, and the prestigious Henley Business School.  She has also given KM presentations at the Joint Warfighting Conference and to numerous industry groups, including the Association of Public Health Laboratories.  She has published numerous technical papers, 2 books on Knowledge Management, has testified before a Congressional Subcommittee on the topic of women in engineering, and is featured in three books and a video on women engineers.

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