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This course assumes first-hand experience and knowledge of Knowledge Management (KM) systems and activities as well as previous auditing experience. Potential students are required to submit evidence of this experience prior to acceptance to the class.

Before attending this class, you should have purchased your copy of ISO 30401 and read it thoroughly.  You should also have provided the following to the accrediting reviewer:


  • Your CV, including a copy of your college/university student transcripts,

  • Evidence of at least 3 years of active KM experience, i.e., development and management of a KM program for which you were directly responsible,

  • Discussion of the outcomes of your involvement with a KM program,

  • List of your presentations/talks/publications regarding KM,

  • Evidence of your audit experience assessing a system or process against a defined and approved set of standards, requirements or criteria, including major findings and resolutions, and

  • Names and contact information (email and telephone) for 5+ personal references who can attest to your KM and audit experience.

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