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This is an intensive 32 hour course whose goal is to train persons with previous audit and KM experience on the requirements of ISO 30401 and on ISO audit techniques, including the requirements of ISO 17011, ISO 19011 and ISO 30401. Candidates must meet course prerequisites before being accepted into the class. There are numerous oral and written exercises throughout the course and candidates will have to pass both a written and an oral final exam. Successful candidates will obtain associate auditor certification. Full certification is achieved after a senior auditor has observed the provisional auditor conduct an audit to ensure that the new auditor is competent. 

ISO auditors must adhere to a strict conflict of interest policy. Auditors are not permitted to consult the organizations that they audit, and consultants are not permitted to audit the organizations that they consult. To do so is considered a conflict of interest and auditors doing so will have their certifications revoked.

Classes will meet periodically based on demand and instructor availability. Course fees consider developed versus undeveloped nations. Contact June Cirillo for more information about this course.


Before attending this class, you should have purchased your copy of ISO 30401 and read it thoroughly. Candidates should compile the information cited under course prerequisites and provide it to KMHR Systems Auditors for review. Candidates may be asked to take additional training before being admitted to the course.

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